Site Technical News

Site Technical News

News for site content developers and co-administrators using technical computer jargon about site technical features and site content.

  • Site is now using WP 5.4 and all WP plugins are up-to-date.  Backups are downloaded to 1-2 off-site (not on this web hosting server) computers.
  • Previously: Installed BBPress forums and BuddyPress plugins which create public and private forums and groups for site users.  Event Manager WP plugin creates the event services.  Other plugins create import/export services for selected site database tables.  GTranslate WP plugin creates the multi-language site translations.  But the Multilanguage WP plugin facilitates a page or post author making a copy of that page or post in another language; possibly a more ‘correct’ translation that Google’s GTranslate service makes.

…eventually to be a site for world-wide Green coalitions and caucuses of more open-minded, but still very progressive "greens", i.e. members of our existing Green Parties starting with the GP USA and GPs in each of the 50 US States, the 16 US territories, then Canadian GP members, etc.