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Use this form to file an unofficial Grievance Statement about your US Green Party or about 1+ members of your US national, state or local Green Party

If you have a grievance with your US-based Green Party and/or with members in your Green Party, be it with 1+ members of an official Green Party or of an unofficial not yet accredited Green Party in your US state or US territory, please briefly describe your grievance here.

But also write down (word process and save) your longer explanation with details about who or what, you are grieving — as well as when and where your grieve-able instances occurred. Save this draft or final document for submission here and/or elsewhere later, such as to your GP if/when it has a grievance procedure and if you wish to file your ‘complete’ grievance here or there.

If your first language is not English, I, JGW site founder and administrator, apologize that I do not yet have for you a similar form in your first language.

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