Known Green Party Members
in the USA with ignored or unresolved grievances
about their fellow Greens or their party’s policies, procedures and/or private or public actions
that may be unethical, immoral, undemocratic or illegal by “the laws of the land” and/or the party’s bylaws and rules.

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The following is a short list of U.S. Green Party members (i.e. their initials) who have had a grievance with their local, state, or with the national GPUS party, a grievance which remains unresolved.  See the Details page, if one exists, for the status of that individual’s grievance as well as if, how and when their Green Party leaders and/or other party members addressed and resolved the grievance.

  • M.H. IT lead system administrator for the San Francisco Green Party from about 2008-2010.  Allegedly ousted from the GPSF without due process, allegedly by a “kangaroo court” of unaccountable Green Party members.  In effect the GPSF provided him no means to grieve these actions, seek and receive acknowledgement of damages done to him or his reputation as a competent IT expert and consultant or of damages done to the GPSF and GPSF IT operations by these undocumented misdeeds.
  • X.X.  Florida Green Party Member.  Allegedly ousted from the GPFL without due process, The GPFL provided him no means to formally grieve and to be reinstated.
  • JGW. Co-founder of the Green Party of California in 1989.  GPCA IT Committee member 2012-2014.  A GPCA IT Working Group member since 2010.  (1) I was marginalized by what became an increasingly obvious possibly sexists boy’s club of younger techies in the GPCA IT working group.  (2) I, JGW, and other Greens were banned “forever” from two Facebook “Green Party” groups on 9/15/15 for voicing our support for Bernie Sanders for President.   GPUS and GPUS Discussions.  I also recommended the our 2012 & 2016 GPUS candidate for president, Jill Stein, take lessons from Senator Sanders on how to better promote dem-socialists ideas to an increasingly huge number of independent, mostly young voters.  We “green Berners” on FB were banned without warning or notification of the cause or infraction and without any  indication of a fixed term for our banishment, really for our censorship by a secret GPUS “kangaroo court”; i.e. we were banned indefinitely and apparently cannot rejoin either FB group apparently ever again.  (However this changed for the better in 2017 or 2018.) We have been were effectively silenced by person or persons unknown for reasons unknown, without any official FB or Green Party group’s record and by an unknown process conducted on an unknown date. Details.

…eventually to be a site for world-wide Green coalitions and caucuses of more open-minded, but still very progressive "greens", i.e. members of our existing Green Parties starting with the GP USA and GPs in each of the 50 US States, the 16 US territories, then Canadian GP members, etc.