Hello Gandhian Greens!

Welcome to the WordPress presentation of some informational content and web services for the Gandhian Greens Coalition, a site in development off-and-on since Fall 2015.

See also the Joomla site presentation of similar and supplementary content and web services for the Gandhian Greens Coalition.

Some members of the Green Parties in the USA and in other countries may or may not be “non violent” in their actions, words, deeds and intentions to “make the world a better place.”  On this site like-minded followers of non-violence and of Mahatma Gandhi who liberated India from the oppressive racist and dictatorial British Raj in 1948 can discuss which of our fellow Green’s not-so-non-violent remarks and actions can be re-cast in non-violent terms and actions.

It is our hope such non-violent, non-coercive language, but shaming and educating language as well as our constructive and inspiring non-threatening political actions will achieve a better example for other Greens and urge more people especially non-Greens to take action to improve our world and our civilization.

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