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Us” since the first of September 2015 creation of this site to and through this post’s most recent update, Feb. 25, 2018 April, 28, 2020, has been and still is just me, Jennifer Gopinathadasi Woodward.  I’m the creator, first administrator of this web site and the first content contributor to this web site.  Here are a few comments I made at creation time in 2015 with a few edits I made to them in 2017 also slightly updated today April 28, 2020:

The coalition we are building here (I hope) will strongly promote “greater and more evident green values” with Gandhian-like non-violent, truth-full, kinder-gentler, compassionate, yet force-full and more compelling words and deeds in our Green Parties and in our communities.

The “force” in our words and deeds will be the truthfulness of our words, the firm convictions of our actions, our refusal to assign blame to others, although when invited to do so we may (gently and respectfully) describe faults in and likely less effective or destructive consequences of the actions of others, and while also expressing our deep respect and compassion for the thoughts and feelings of others who may disagree with us or “oppose” us, but are speaking truthfully to the best of their abilities.

This site initially has been for the exclusive use of registered Greens in the United States of America committed to Gandhian principles of non-violence and political actions.  But since as of 2016 only 21 states had recognized, “accredited” and therefore “legal” Green Parties by each state’s laws, the best any of our candidates for national office have done is to win enough votes (barely 1 million in 2012 and 2016) to keep our existing parties on the ballot.

We Greens didn’t make those rules, the Dems and GOP in power in those 21 states did.  The result of those rules is that the other 39 states and 16 US territories did not vote for any Green or progressives in all the national and state elections to-date.  So Greens in those remaining 39 states and 16 territories still without a legal Green Party will have to “profess” their Green-ness and theier preferences for Green public policies for now only when they “sign-up” on this site to be a member of this coalition and its caususes available on this site!  They first should request to have a login  account here using the “Sign-Up” form on this site.

In the first case, Greens signed-up here are and will be those registered to vote as Greens in the 21+ US states (as of 2016) with an official legal Green Party recognized by the state’s Secretary of State.  But this site is also initially for want-to-be Greens and “professed” Greens in the USA living in states currently without an official Green Party to help other states’ Green build their Green Parties!   Meanwhile General Election voter information from past General and off-year elections will show they voted at least once  for a Green candidate or candidates for public office in their state.  Those Greens may want to discuss on this site if not also on other GP sites to be determined how to form one or more (1+) unofficial GPs in their state, one of which could later become a or the official GP in their state.

More controversially, I think, but potentially constructive, this site is also for Greens, registered or not, who want to discuss privately here how their existing Green Parties — or Green groups — may be “deviating” from Gandhian principles, from democratic principles and practices, from the Greens’ 10 Key Values, and other progressive values to be determined.  But here they and we can also discuss how to urge those members to return to, live by, and promote Green public policies and pick qualified candidates for public office who have demonstrated in their personal and professional lives those values.

Finally, and eventually I suspect, this site will also be for the uses of registered and want-to-be Greens in any other country on Earth. Then together at least in this coalition at first we will be building an international coalition of more like-minded Greens actually “living green” as much as is individually possible in our daily lives.

The only qualifications for membership in this budding coalition are for members to agree to all or to most of the common values noted below.  So for that purpose, Greens in the USA and Greens in other countries and provinces world-wide may also use the Sign-Up form on this site to request to join this Coalition… at least they can when I, JGW, the site founder, administrator and lead content developer provide translated versions of the Sign-Up form.

If you believe you are qualified, please Sign Up Here.  If you the reader of this page believe the qualifications are too many or too few, SAY SO by submitting your comment and constructive recommendations for the improvement of the list of qualifications at the bottom of  this web page.

If you have a grievance with the US national GP or with your state or local GP, file an unofficial grievance statement here.  Having a list is the first step in creating constructive discussions towards defining needed GP reforms and additional steps to create viable grievance procedures and constructive grievance action outcomes in our GPs.

This site and this coalition exist to ensure that Greens in the USA and world-wide maintain and improve their non-violent political actions for the common-good, for the preservation and greater well-being of ourselves, our diverse civilizations and the Planet Earth, Pancha Mama, that supports us all.

Common values of Gandhian Green Coalition members, i.e. the qualified and accepted members who are also the optional very low cost dues-paying members and authorized users of this web site, include the “10 Key Values” of the Global Green Parties and the following shared values of our site members:

  • You are a registered Green in some Green Party in the USA or in another country of the world.  Or you have been struggling to create a Green Party in a state, or province, or prefecture of a country somewhere in the world.
  • You are or have been or want to be Vegetarian or Vegan, or at least agree to experiment with living on such diets to see if they suit you, and are committed to continue to sustain, or agree to consider sustaining, your life in ways that minimize your “impact” on the lives of other living beings to sustain yours.
  • You either do not eat meat, fish, or eggs or you minimize your use of those so-called flesh-foods.  You do not participate in, or you agree to minimize your participation, making food choices that perpetuate factory agriculture.  You agree to consider doing so by minimizing or eliminating your purchasing and consuming of their packaged flesh-foods and packaged processed pant and animal foods.
  • You agree to some extent that the above-mentioned food processing practices support a factory food production system which cruelly raises and slaughters animals in-the-millions, mass markets these animal-based food products for human consumption, as pet food for many pets and work-animals, and as food supplements for livestock and other farm animals.
  • You also agree to some extent that “processed foods” may not be “healthy foods.”
  • You are “spiritual” and “moral” with or without allegiance or devotion to any organized religion, religious tradition or belief system.  In fact you may “like” and “follow” more than one of them.
    “Moral” atheists, therefore, are very welcome if they respect the beliefs of those who are “religious” or “spiritual”. Devout religious traditionalists are very welcome if they can respect the beliefs of other religious traditions and peoples which are different from their own and respect moral atheists as well.
  • No “religious” (or atheist) member will proselatize or otherwise try to convert another member of this coalition.  But respectful and constructive discussions of religious common values and differences are welcome.
  • You are a rationalist, but not obsessive about using rationality in all things.  You are pro-science and believe global problems like Climate Change and The Sixth Mass Extinction of animal species are happening now and may only get worse without human intervention to repair the damages we have done as the “dominant” species on Earth.
  • You agree that “our species” should cease creating more damage, not just to ourselves, but also to other animals, plants, habitats, environments and essential resources that sustain life on Planet Earth as soon as possible.
  • You “Fight” for your beliefs non-violently as did Mahatma Gandhi, the non-violent liberator of India from the imperious and oppressive British Raj (rule by Great Britain) who succeeded in getting the British to grant Indians “home rule” and remove their British soldiers and governors in 1947.
  • You are willing to learn how to “Fight Like Gandhi” and to fight non-violently as good or better than he and Martin Luther King did.
  • You agree to do so by studying and contributing to the content on this web site and practicing on here with others in real and mock discussions and practice-in-public off-site “in real life” with your friends and acquaintances so that you grow in your abilities to persuade others better with the non-violent words, strategies, tactics, and other ideas you offer them.
  • You are willing to help develop on this web site more convincing and compelling progressive rhetoric that create environmental, social, and economic sustainable “memes” which in turn encourage more fruitful public discussion about and acts which further the creation of these qualities in human urban and rural life for the benefit of all living things on this planet.
  • You are willing to help develop plans on this web site which implement at the grass-roots level, at local, state and national levels true progressive environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable goods and services production and distribution that are good for the planet, good for humans, and good for all other living beings on this planet.
  • You are willing to learn to teach — at your own pace — and to teach others — at their own pace — how to re-frame right wing Orwellian political rhetoric to defeat their 40+ years of pro-cut-throat-global-capitalism and the “new” 1920s-style Global Plutocracy that is already “raping and pillaging” so much of nature in developing and developed countries while weakening and removing any government regulations or restrictions on their activities as well.

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…eventually to be a site for world-wide Green coalitions and caucuses of more open-minded, but still very progressive "greens", i.e. members of our existing Green Parties starting with the GP USA and GPs in each of the 50 US States, the 16 US territories, then Canadian GP members, etc.